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Nonetheless, Welcome to Wonderland — [x] | via Tumblr su We Heart It.

"There are certain phrases that I know I will get shit for, but that feels very right for me. I sing, for example, ‘he hit me and it felt like a kiss,’ a feeling I love. You know when you think it’s love, but it’s so passionate that it becomes aggressive. It is an attractive quality to me. In a world where everyone is bored, I like people with emotion."

- Lana Del Rey on Ultraviolence (via ldrakalizzygrant)

(Source: touch.metro.se, via ldrakalizzygrant)


A lovely way to say “hello”.

"As much as I let something go,
it never really leaves me.
I want to believe I’m moving on
but I found myself sitting in the
shower again thinking that I
I can wash my hands thirty
times a day and still find dirt
under my fingernails."

- internal, kpk (via towritepoems)

(via fabulousbitch69)